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This project aims to build innovative responses to the challenges faced by those working in the field of arts education and/or with adults (especially seniors). To this end, it proposes to develop a learning process for adults in the field of artistic education, from the basic level to the creation of courses for an e-learning platform; this mobile tool will then be disseminated and its use will be implemented, through workshops, in the local communities of each of the partner associations. As well as directly benefiting the participants, the Be Art Together project aspires to positively influence the work of art educators and professionals involved in working with the elderly, policy-makers and researchers, promoting innovation and the sharing of good practices. Both the mobile tool and the report resulting from the project will be continuously updated even after the funding ends, ensuring a lasting legacy that is adaptable to the constantly evolving needs of users.

The Be Art Together project is an initiative funded by the Erasmus+ program under Key Action 2 (KA2) and is the result of a partnership between Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia.